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Randy Shanks Attorney in Council Bluffs IA

Randy Shanks with Shanks Law Firm

Being involved in a ghastly car accident and subsequently sustaining a major injury, can make you feel as if your world has been turned heads down. The once joyous life you had as been brought to a halt and your future has been threatened as a result of these injuries. However, in order to fight back against the people who brought you into this situation, you need to file an accident benefits claim so that you can receive the appropriate compensation that is due to you. However, you cannot file this type of claim by yourself and that is why you need to employ the service of a Council Bluffs Personal Injury attorney in order to file the right type of benefits claim. Personal injury is a legal term that connotes an injury to the body; mind or psychological welfare of a person. After suffering a personal injury there are immediate actions that need to be taken and one of such actions is filing for a claim especially if the injury was caused as a result of negligence on the part of those responsible for the accident. Since there are many Council Bluffs Personal Injury attorneys, you will need to choose the right attorney to guarantee good result and ensure that you do not just suffer in vain. Below are two areas you have to be conscious of before choosing a Personal Injury attorney