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What is Esperanto?

Simply put, Esperanto is a politically neutral, easy-to-learn, perfectly regular, planned international language. Esperanto was created to serve as a common second language to all of mankind.


Esperanto was developed over many years by Dr. Ludwig L. Zamenhof and published in 1887. Esperanto is the most popular and well known planned language. It is truly the only successful planned language, boasting speakers in the hundreds of thousands to millions of people. This puts Esperanto on the chart as one of the top 50 languages among the world’s thousands of languages.



Esperanto can be, and is, used in any way any other language is used. Unlike the speakers of a natural language, you won’t be confined to speaking mostly to people in a specific geographic location (Mexico or Portugal or Germany or France or China, etc). Esperanto speakers can be found in every country of the world (Spain and Portugal and Germany and France and China, etc).

Since many people write news, stories, and literature in Esperanto, as well as translating important literature into Esperanto, readers of Esperanto are able to get an inside view of possibly lesser known cultures. For example, as English speaking people, how many of us are familiar with fables from the Czech Republic or with folk songs from Brazil?

Gaining a firm understanding of Esperanto grammar and syntax, and understanding how the various perfectly-regular parts of speech operate can open the doors to the appreciation and study of many other languages, including one’s own.

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