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Randy Shanks Attorney in Council Bluffs IA

Randy Shanks is committed to providing a high degree of skill and sophistication in representation of these matters.

Work injuries are another type of accident that occurs with great frequency despite the measures taken to prevent them. The government has strict regulations regarding the safety and health standards in the workplace, and they’re enforced by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. If your company has violated one of the standards and you’ve become injured because of their mistakes you could be entitled to a large settlement. If you’re left unable to work because of your injuries, a lawsuit may be the only way to get the company to pay you what they owe you. No one can rely on a business to do the right thing on their own.

There are some products on the market that are dangerous and should be recalled. Sometimes people are injured by these faulty devices, and the company is liable for compensation. If this has happened to you, be sure to preserve the object in question, as it can be used as evidence should your case go to court.